NEWS - Real estate investment strategies in 2022

Real estate investment strategies in 2022


Depending on the type, investors need a clear real estate investment strategies to achieve strong and sustainable growth. The following key trends of the Asia-Pacific market will provide some pointers for investors.

Real estate logistics: New project development, old project renovation

CBRE’s survey shows that 78% of customers want to expand their logistics space in 2022 – 2024. They prefer to rent properties designed according to their own needs and cooperate with investors to develop new projects or buy land to build houses.

Moreover, investors are aiming to upgrade old logistics properties to meet the increasingly strong rental demand, especially good quality warehouse spaces near major traffic hubs. Some of the sub-markets in the region that are already stocked for redevelopment are south of Seoul, Jiading and Minhang of Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Office: Acquiring and upgrading projects in prime locations

The prime location has helped many office buildings overcome the crisis period when the whole market weakened due to the pandemic. Therefore, investors should consider the opportunity to add value by upgrading office buildings in good locations to meet the needs of future tenants.

Capital market investors who can hold onto a property for the long term can also focus on markets that are in a strong recovery phase, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and major Australian cities. These markets could start to experience mild rent growth in the second half of 2022, making it great for investors who can hold the property for five years.

Housing: Popular apartment

While Japan remains the main destination for the condominium market in the region, the built-to-let market in Australia is attracting the attention of many organizations such as insurance companies and international pension funds. However, investors need to understand the legal barriers before doing the deal.

In Hong Kong, investors are looking to buy back hotels that are underperforming or abandoned due to Covid-19 to convert into houses in the context that the supply of houses here is extremely scarce and expensive.

Blue ocean strategies

First of all, the hotel industry should not be taken lightly. The slow return to international tourism has delayed the recovery of the hotel market. Therefore, the pent-up demand for leisure tourism and public service will explode when the border reopens. Typically, the increase in investment volume in the Japanese and Australian markets in 2021.

Second, the retail spaces need to be rethought. Many retailers are still willing to open new stores or rent space in central areas to benefit from low rents. Specialized retail investors can take advantage of the opportunity to acquire properties in prime locations at great prices.

Top shopping malls in Japan, Mainland China, Singapore, and Australia, as well as high-end retail districts in Hong Kong, could present opportunities for investors. In particular, Australia is an extremely attractive market for investors interested in complex real estate that includes many items such as houses, offices, and retail. Meanwhile, secondary retail spaces in prime areas also offer good opportunities this year, especially in Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

In addition, there is another real estate investment trend that is taking the throne that is investing in crypto assets using blockchain technology such as the GIGEX platform. In this platform, you will be able to choose investment portfolios and receive a certificate of partial ownership when confirming your investment.

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