NEWS - Partnership Announcement: GIG Capital x Skylink Partners

Partnership Announcement: GIG Capital x Skylink Partners

Partnership Announcement: GIG Capital x Skylink Partners

On November 1st, 2021, GIG Capital officially announced a strategic partnership with Skylink Partners – a professional Venture Builder. This is considered a breakthrough and meaningful investment for GIG Dollar, helping GIG Dollar quickly achieve the goal of “go to the moon.”

About Skylink Partners – “Developing Together”

As a member of Skylink Group, Skylink Partners is a Venture Builder investment fund, established with the aim of investing in the ecosystem of start-up companies in retail, social media and technology areas,… Skylink Partners helps businesses which have breakthrough and highly effective business models in the field they are looking for.

Portfolio of Skylink Partners: Technology, Social media & Retail.

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Strategic Partnership: GIG Capital & Skylink Partners

Skylink Partners will accompany GIG Capital as an investor to develop the GIG Dollar project. Accordingly, Skylink Partners will invest $ 1 million in GIG Dollar – a blockchain application technology project in asset investment.

Besides investment, Skylink Partners will join, support & accompany GIG Capital by taking advantage of a team of experienced experts, infrastructure – modern equipment available.

With Skylink Partners’ rich experience in the technology field, investors will reduce risks, gain exposure to breakthrough technology applications, flexibility, high security & safety.

GIG Capital applies Blockchain technology to tokenize investment products to help investors quickly access many potential assets. In addition, GIG has the advantage of experience and brand in the international immigration and investment industry, which makes GIG go faster.

Investors can invest in real estate, start-up companies, settle down, study abroad, and export labor on the GIG platform with GIG Dollar. GIG provides digital asset exchange GIG Exchange & Asset storage wallet GIG Wallet will launch in October.

A small step for a long way ahead, the strategic partnership between GIG Capital and Skylink Partners will become a bridge for investors to access the global digital asset investment market easily.

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