NEWS - GIG Dollar (GIGEX) Authorized Dealer Policy

GIG Dollar (GIGEX) Authorized Dealer Policy

GIG Dollar (GIGEX) Authorized Dealer Policy

Our GIGEX Authorized Dealer Program helps you bring financial freedom to your community. And as a bonus, you get a steady stream of income too. In addition, you also have the opportunity to invest in GIG Dollar’s Seed Round & Private Sale (GIGEX) at an attractive price.

What is the GIGEX Authorized Dealer Program?

The GIGEX Authorized Dealer Program is an exciting opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing their GIGEX Authorized Dealer links with their friends and followers.

Every GIGEX user will be provided with an Authorized Dealer link after registering an account, KYC & meeting our standards, commitment not to cheat. When new users sign up using your Authorized Dealer link, you earn commissions.

GIGEX Authorized Dealer Program Benefits

Our GIGEX Authorized Dealer Program is a great way for you to spread passive income to your community & receive many attractive benefits.

  • Receive a 10% Private Sale bonus: After being approved by Admins & Owner to become an Authorized Dealer, you will receive a 10% bonus when you register for Private Sale & Seed Round.
  • Bringing you financial freedom: The GIGEX Authorized Dealer program has a tight & attractive reward mechanism, especially when investors register early in the second quarter of 2022.
  • Have an opportunity to join the GIG Capital ecosystem: GIG Capital focuses on investing in real estate, technology, finance & potential startups. Joining the GIG Capital ecosystem will bring a lot of privileges to investors.

How to become a GIGEX Authorized Dealer?

To become a GIGEX Authorized Dealer, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Register to

Step 2: Register an account and KYC successfully on

Step 3: Please wait for moderation from Admin.

The administrator will review & release the results after 2 – 5 working days.

Conditions to participate in the program

Youtubers, KOCs, KOLs, influencers in the fields of finance, real estate, blockchain, cryptocurrency, media who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Social media accounts with 5000+ followers (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, Tumblr, Reddit, Mix,…)
  • Community with 500+ members (Facebook, VK,, Telegram, Zalo,…)
  • Website, blog, news site with traffic 2000+/day

Prohibited activities when registering to become a GIGEX authorized dealer

The following is a representative list of the kinds of conduct and practices that may cause the GIGEX Administration to disqualify or revoke your account or profits.

  • Provide false, inaccurate, or misleading information;
  • Provide false, inaccurate, or misleading identity and address verification;
  • Introduce new investors using illegal, fraudulent methods
  • Share accounts with others;
  • Miscommunication about the GIGEX project & team
  • Using any other look-alike, sound-alike, or other words, marks, or designations with “GIGEX” to communicate;
  • Create multiple accounts on GIGEX to get benefits from the Authorized Dealer program;
  • Break the laws, rules, or regulations of any nation or multinational body;
  • Engage in illegal gambling, fraud, money laundering, or terrorist activities.

FAQs about GIGEX Authorized Dealer Program

1. What is the commission structure for the program?

We collect registered users from your referral link and reward you when the user referred by you is valid and successfully reviewed by the GIGEX team.

Note: Any fraudulent behavior is not accepted. Newly registered users from the referral link showing signs of fraud will have their accounts blocked immediately.

2. Where do I find my commission structure?

You will be given a login link to track your registered members & commission in the dashboard.
Statistics are updated in near real-time on your Authorized Dealer Dashboard.

3. What content and advertising sources are the best ways to attract traffic to my Authorized Dealer link?

There are many different social networks for you to share: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Zalo, etc.; website & blog – where you are building community.

GIGEX has worldwide benefits and can be used virtually anywhere with internet access, so it is really up to you what markets you want to target – local, regional, national, or otherwise

4. Can I still get a commission from users who registered on Paxful without using my Authorized Dealer link?

Authorized Dealer commissions can only be earned from users who signed up through your unique Authorized Dealer link.

5. When will I receive my commission?

The commission will be sent to your wallet address 30 days after the IDO date.
After the IDO date, you will be given priority to join the new program and enjoy an attractive commission policy.

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