Blockchain investments are disrupting the real estate industry


An in-depth research report delves deep into the market for tokenization of real estate properties worldwide as it surpasses $20 billion in size. The Cointelegraph Research Terminal, the leading provider of premium databases and institutional-grade research on blockchain and digital assets, has added a new report to its expanding library from the industry leader in […]

71% of high net worth individuals have invested in digital assets

71% of high net worth individuals have invested in digital assets

High net worth individuals (HNWI) have embraced cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, with 71% of wealthy individuals investing in digital assets according to a new survey. “World Wealth Report 2022” of Capgemini polled 2,973 global HNWIs, with 54% reporting a wealth band ranging from $1 million to $30 million and 46% reporting wealth of $30 […]

How do countries regulate cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrency was once little known and considered involved in illegal funding activities. Now, cryptocurrencies have gained global popularity, more and more people invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, the legal regulations related to them also attract attention. While most countries ban cryptocurrency mining due to energy consumption concerns, countries’ behavior towards cryptocurrencies […]

The real estate market is being strongly digitized


Not only to adapt to the new economic context, but also to digitize real estate is considered to anticipate the Government’s more open stance towards the digital economy in general and digital assets in particular. Dr. Tran Quy – Director of the Vietnam Institute for Digital Economy Development (VIDE), said that digital assets are non-tangible […]

How Asset tokenization will transform financial markets for good

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The advent of blockchain has brought many benefits, including tokenized assets. In the future, asset tokenization will unlock tremendous global values ​​and transform financial markets for good. The 21st century is when we are going through the fourth industrial revolution. In particular, digital transformation is promoted and widely applied in traditional production activities. Businesses, organizations, […]

How to choose real estate to invest safely?


Speakers in the “Real Estate: Safe Haven” panel offer suggestions on the type of property that can be invested at the moment and recommend mistakes to avoid in this property truly a “safe haven.” Discussion session with the participation of Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc – CEO of Phu Dong Group; Mr. Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet […]

Real estate investment strategies in 2022


Depending on the type, investors need a clear real estate investment strategies to achieve strong and sustainable growth. The following key trends of the Asia-Pacific market will provide some pointers for investors. Real estate logistics: New project development, old project renovation CBRE’s survey shows that 78% of customers want to expand their logistics space in […]

How to invest in real estate?


Real estate investment is an investment opportunity that allows you to hold a financial interest in a tangible asset. Real estate investing provides numerous avenues for potential returns. For example, investors can potentially leverage real estate as an additional source of income by leasing real estate. Property investments are still risky, as real estate values […]