NEWS - How Asset tokenization will transform financial markets for good

How Asset tokenization will transform financial markets for good

The advent of blockchain has brought many benefits, including tokenized assets. In the future, asset tokenization will unlock tremendous global values ​​and transform financial markets for good.

The 21st century is when we are going through the fourth industrial revolution. In particular, digital transformation is promoted and widely applied in traditional production activities. Businesses, organizations, and regulators are constantly working on expanding current technology capabilities and developing new technologies that will drive automation, inclusion, and integration.

And in an increasingly globalized world, asset tokenization based on trust, transparency, and guaranteed contractual obligations is becoming a top strategy for many businesses today. Although the applications of blockchain and its tokenization capabilities are not yet fully realized, this will become the norm in the coming years as the big players of traditional finance are gradually adopted this technology.

Tokenized assets such as stocks, real estate, gold, etc., can significantly increase liquidity for almost illiquid assets. An example of an investment is a property worth 5 billion VND and can be divided into 10,000 parts, each part 500,000 VND – representing 0.01% of the shares. Clients can easily buy one or more pieces of this billion-dollar property.

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Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, where every transaction is transparently recorded, cryptographic assets are immutable, verifiable, and always accessible to all interested parties. Given this quality of distributed ledger technologies (DLT – a digital system that allows users and the system to record transactions related to assets), it is not surprising that tokenized assets are becoming a method to bring value to businesses and organizations today.

The GIG Capital Investment Fund introduced, GIG Exchange is a tokenized real-world asset investment platform that connects product/service providers & buyers. Mr. Phu Gia – The founder of GIG Capital shared: “GIG Capital is not a technology company; GIG Capital is an investment fund applying Blockchain technology to bring digitally transformed real asset investment solutions to our community. We help tokenized assets and build trading platforms. With GIG Exchange, people can invest in real estate, start-ups, international immigration, study abroad, export labor and others in our ecosystem.”

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