NEWS - AMA Recap: UniqueOne Vietnam Team & Founder of GIG Dollar – GIG Capital

AMA Recap: UniqueOne Vietnam Team & Founder of GIG Dollar – GIG Capital

AMA Recap: UniqueOne Việt Nam Team & Nhà sáng lập GIG Dollar - GIG Capital

On October 22, 2021, GIG joined the AMA with UniqueOne Vietnam Team to introduce and answer community questions about their GIG Dollar & GIG Capital ecosystem project.

The AMA session was held on UniqueOne’s Telegram Channel, with the participation of Mr. Phu Gia – Founder. Many exciting questions on topics such as product features, road map, and the future of the project were answered by Mr. Phu Gia in this AMA.

Below is the recap of the AMA Recap.

Part 1: Overview

  • About me & the GIG Dollar project

Phu Gia: Hi guys, I’m Phu Gia, Founder of GIG Capital. GIG Dollar is a Blockchain application technology project to provide solutions to tokenize & trade real assets such as Real Estate, Corporate Shares, Service Vouchers, Investment, Immigration, Study Abroad, Export labor, etc.

GIG Dollar is in the GIG Capital ecosystem, and people can learn more about the companies in the ecosystem, including GIG Vietnam, LafuBrand, LaviHome, and GIG Living.

GIG has been a start-up brand since the end of 2014. GIG currently has headquarters and representative offices in Cyprus, Latvia, Seychelles, and Vietnam. GIG is an actual entity and has an authenticated legal entity.

  • How does GIG Dollar work? What problem is GIG Dollar solving in Blockchain?

Phu Gia: Currently, the cryptocurrency craze is in a hot phase, but according to GIG, it is all just at the beginning, like the “Wild West ” with full risks and opportunities. The danger is when you do not understand what you are doing, and the opportunity is for the most prepared.

When it comes to Blockchain, people immediately think of cryptocurrencies and ignore the actual business model that businesses can apply on the Blockchain platform to provide value.

GIG does not position itself as a technology company. GIG is positioned as an investment fund applying Blockchain technology to bring tokenized real asset investment solutions to the community.

SIMPLE & SAFETY are put on top to eliminate the boundaries of technology exposure for older investors (A group of people with investment experience and rich capital). GIG also wants to create a premise for young investors to access more assets on the Blockchain platform.

GIG wishes to bring Simple – Secured – Straightforward – Sustainable Profits to investors in the ecosystem.

  • What makes GIG Dollar different from other projects? Tell us more about GIG Dollar’s special features or products?

Phu Gia: I think what sets GIG apart the most is CULTURE.

As you can see, GIG’s social channels and Telegram groups are still very few people. But I would like to share a secret that, in which, there are more than 100 members who are currently GIG’s SHAREHOLDERS, i.e., we are partners, friends and investors. We have been together for a long time, from Traditional environment to the Blockchain platform. That’s the KEY of GIG.

Because when I started this project, I didn’t think GIG’s business model was new. We are not trying to do something new. We also do not position ourselves as a PIONEER.

We try to do our best and provide the most REAL thing to bring real value to users. In addition, GIG has the advantage of experience and brand in the international immigration and investment industry, making us go faster.

With GIG Dollar, people can invest in real estate, start-up companies, immigration investment, study abroad, and export labor on the GIG platform. GIG provides digital asset exchange – GIG Exchange & Asset storage wallet – GIG Wallet will launch in this October.

I like the Amazon boss saying: “Instead of asking what will change in the next ten years, why don’t we ask: What will not change in the next ten years.

GIG uses Blockchain and financial markets as a vehicle for more efficient transmission of the value. And we want to build that value on immutable elements.

  • Can you tell us more about the GIG Dollar roadmap?

Phu Gia:

You can read the GIG Whitepaper here

We have a vision for 2023 in terms of product development and roadmap.

When they want to shoot a rocket to the Moon, scientists do not calculate the distance from Earth to the Moon but will calculate from the Moon back to Earth. GIG is using such reverse thinking to design its roadmap.

The listing of GIG Dollar on exchanges is just an activity to raise capital, promote the project and bring profits to early investors. What we are most interested in is STABILITY DEVELOPMENT. From quantity to quality of members. 40% of GIG tokens will be rewards for members.

What is the meaning of Octopus symbol in your logo? Why is it called the “mafia” GIG community?

Phu Gia: I like the image of the Godfather in the movie of the same name.

Most people think MAFIA is an organized criminal syndicate, but I do not think so.

It is the image of an organization that has almost absolute trust in each other. This organization is tightly organized, mutually benefiting & protecting each other.

Don’t be surprised when GIG has a CLUB called: GIG MAFIA CLUB for those who hold more than 50k GIG.

As for the logo’s meaning, the Octopus is a very intelligent animal because it owns three hearts, eight brains & can work independently of each other. IT shows cohesion but most multitasking is the spirit of GIG.

Part 2: Twitter Q&A

  • Now that technology is changing every second, are you afraid that “GIG” will lag behind new projects with newer technology in the future? Do you have a plan for this?

Phu Gia: As I shared above, GIG’s strategy is to embrace immutable values, not follow trends. And technology is the tool, and we will strive to update & invest continuously.

  • What is the most ambitious goal of the Project?

Phu Gia: From a trader’s perspective, GIG’s most ambitious goals are:

tokenize & commercialize all real assets. Buy and sell GIG on GIG Exchange, store tokenized real assets in GIG wallet.

And in stage 3, we also plan to GAMIFICATION investment activities. Everyday users complete some tasks on GIG and receive rewards like playing games & getting real rewards from investment profits. It’sIt’s been a long journey & we’re all set for the next ten years.

  • What is the meaning of “GIG”?

Phu Gia: If people search on Google, GIG is the “sharing economy.” But with me, from 2014 – 2018, we focused on international real estate investment & European immigration, so the company name is: GO INVEST GLOBAL, abbreviated as GIG.

Currently, I position GIG in GIG Capital as the sharing economy – an all-in-one investment fund.

  • Does GIG Dollar support English and other languages?

Phu Gia: We are positioned to become a global platform connecting users and suppliers.

For example, GIG provides European settlement solutions through real estate investment and corporate equity. Whether users are in Vietnam or Thailand, our supplier is in Europe, our partner remains the same.

Currently, GIG Dollar has Vietnamese & English versions. We will add more languages ​​soon.

Part 3: Live Q&A

  • Most of the projects are solid with token utility and good infrastructure but perform poorly because investors dumped after listing on the first exchange. How to anti-dumping tokens?

Phu Gia:

GIG will have the following customer journey:

  • Start from a stranger.
  • Become a user.
  • Become an investor.
  • Become a shareholder 
  • Become a family member.

GIG spends 40% of tokens in the next ten years as rewards for investors, shareholders & family members. When upgrading to membership, they will have more privileges. Especially in the upcoming period, only MAFIA BOSS will get the first crypto-asset investment.

Besides, to maintain the position, each user needs to hold a certain amount of GIG. Like stock investment, his stock benefits when there is an increase in price & receives dividends when the business project is profitable.

  • Do you have an AUDIT certificate, or are you doing an AUDIT of your project to make your project’s security more secure and reliable?

Phu Gia: Yes, we are working on it. I Will update very soon.

  • Currently, NFT is very hot. Do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products soon?

Phu Gia: Of course. The assets will be converted to NFT & stored in the wallet.

  • Any plans to build partnerships with local developers to make your project usage more global?

Phu Gia: GIG’s shareholders from the start-up to now hold an important position in the Bitmex exchange. I will update when there is an MOU between GIG and the partner.

  • While building your project, did you take community feedback and requests into account?

Phu Gia:

You can refer to GIG Capital Profile:

We have been preparing for this project very carefully since the establishment of GIG Capital. At that time, we called IT GIG Platform & REIT 4.0. Currently, it is GIG Dollar.

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