NEWS - AMA Recap: Gem Mouse & GIG Dollar

AMA Recap: Gem Mouse & GIG Dollar

On October 22, 2021, GIG joined the AMA with Gem Mouse Team to introduce and answer community questions about their GIG Dollar & GIG Capital ecosystem project.

The AMA session was held on Gem Mouse’s Telegram Channel, with the participation of Mr. Phu Gia – Founder. Many exciting questions on topics such as product features, road map, and the future of the project were answered by Mr. Phu Gia in this AMA.

Below is the recap of the AMA Recap.

Part 1: Overview

  • About GIG Dollar’s Founder

Mr. Phu Gia: Hi guys, I’m Phu Gia, Founder of GIG Capital. GIG Dollar is a Blockchain application technology project to provide solutions to tokenize & trade real assets such as Real Estate, Corporate Shares, Service Vouchers, Investment, Immigration, Study Abroad, Export labor, etc.

GIG Dollar is in the GIG Capital ecosystem, and people can learn more about the companies in the ecosystem, including GIG Vietnam, LafuBrand, LaviHome, and GIG Living.

GIG has been a start-up brand since the end of 2014. GIG currently has headquarters and representative offices in Cyprus, Latvia, Seychelles, and Vietnam. GIG is an actual entity and has an authenticated legal entity.

  • About our project

Mr. Phu Gia: GIG Dollar is a Blockchain application technology project to provide solutions to tokenize & trade real assets such as Real Estate, Corporate Shares, Service Vouchers, Investment, Immigration, Study Abroad, Export labor, etc.

GIG Dollar is a sub-project of GIG Capital. So the most different strategy we apply is: Focus on completing the product & listing a few exchanges before developing the community. Because we want investors to see the real value of the project as well as have an effective divestment plan right before deciding to invest in GIG.

People can refer to GIG’s products at: & Mobile version of GIG exchange will launch in early November.

  • Please provide some information on the Project Roadmap and how is GIG Dollar developing to date?

Mr. Phu Gia:

The GIG Whitepaper can be viewed here.

We have a vision for 2023 in terms of product development and listing roadmap.

Currently, GIG has just finished the Private sale for angel investors & strategic investors. Complete GIGEX.IO exchange & Mobile application.

Successfully listed on DSDAQ.IO – Everyone can start trading at noon today Vietnam time.

Next, we will launch our first crypto real estate in November & list GIG on Coinsbit on 11/11. Focus on being a public investor community.

  • Can you tell us about the GIG token overview and what incentives are available to investors when buying $GIG tokens?

Mr. Phu Gia:


Token Name: GIG Dollar

Token Symbol: GIG

Token Type: Utility

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Standard: BEP20

Contract Address: 0xf110A5Df230F351bdc3F4247Df4B3F914c9d2edE

Token allocation:

5% – strategic investors

5% – community development

10% – future business advisors and new core team members (Lock for 2 years)

20% – the project development team (Lock for 3 years)

20% – token sales

40% – bonus for members who sign up for Membership, distributed over the period of 10 years

We spend 40% of our tokens over the next 10 years to reward GIG holders. In addition to the profit on the price increase over time, investors will receive rewards from Staking and some other activities.

As an investment fund, we know how to make profits for investors & maintain them regularly for a long time. We do not play short-term games, because investing is not a game of chance & GIG is not a prophet.

  • A lot of projects are always talking about their strengths, while their token or coin prices are always going down. As one of the leaders of GIG Dollar, can you share the difficulties that GIG Dollar is facing and how long it will take to overcome them?

Mr. Phu Gia:

GIG does not position itself as a technology company. GIG is positioned as an investment fund applying Blockchain technology to bring tokenized real asset investment solutions to the community.

SIMPLE & SAFETY are put on top to eliminate the boundaries of technology exposure for older investors (A group of people with investment experience and rich capital). GIG also wants to create a premise for young investors to access more assets on the Blockchain platform.

GIG wishes to bring Simple – Secured – Straightforward – Sustainable Profits to investors in the ecosystem.

The supply of $GIG is 1 billion, locked at 80% for 3 years, the amount of tokens in the market is very small, I think less than 1 million GIG. Most of them are strategic investors & angel investors. So don’t worry about the token depreciating very much. The amount of tokens that are taking profits at this stage is mostly from those who receive the Airdrop. We have a very clear roadmap for supporting the token market in tandem with value development and price appreciation.

So now we just do our best to achieve the goals set out in the roadmap. Instead of focusing on the market price, we focus on building value and developing the community.

  • Can you tell us if $GIG has been audited? As we all know, smart contracts are very vulnerable to attack and performing checks cost a lot of money. So can you tell us a little bit about that, because investors need to know this?

Mr. Phu Gia:

We are very aware of the importance of the SAFETY factor in investment, therefore, in addition to SAFETY of CAPITAL. Our team is implementing all TECHNICAL SAFETY standards to be ready for the long game soon. Please update our daily information via the group:

Part 2: Twitter Q&A

  • What problems did GIG encounter in the process of listing GIG Dollar on DSDAQ that users had to wait for a long time but still did not allow transactions and deposits?

DSDAQ is an exchange that has business registration in Hong Kong; this is a partner that GIG has chosen very carefully because they meet the standards for this stage in terms of LEGAL and SAFETY.

Official announcement GIG will list on October 25th but moved to October 30th due to China’s policy for cryptocurrency exchanges affecting DSDAQ to change some technical and infrastructure factors and legal.

Although this is quite inconvenient, I appreciate this effort of DSDAQ, because it is a manifestation of the attitude: ALWAYS OBSERVE TO DO.

Today we can freely trade GIG/USDT on DSDAQ.

The listing price of $GIG is $0.11. Thank you for your interest.

  • How much will the GIG price when listed will be after listing? Does GIG have anti-collapse measures?

The listing price is $0.11

Stabilizing the token price is important. As I shared above: The current supply of GIG in the market is very small. And we have strategic investors willing to buy at prices that are believed to be undervalued by GIG.

My point of view at this stage is SHOPPING WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE PRICE.

Wanting to play the 10-year game, we can’t let you lose faith from the very beginning.

That is the view of the entire GIG executive board and strategic shareholders.

  • If there is not enough capital to develop the project even if it is good. Does your team have the financial means to undertake this project? How does this project generate revenue for both the project and the users?

We have a vision for 2023 in terms of product development and roadmap.

When they want to shoot a rocket to the Moon, scientists do not calculate the distance from Earth to the Moon but will calculate from the Moon back to Earth. GIG is using such reverse thinking to design its roadmap.

The listing of GIG Dollar on exchanges is just an activity to raise capital, promote the project and bring profits to early investors. What we are most interested in is STABILITY DEVELOPMENT. From quantity to quality of members. 40% of GIG tokens will be rewarded for members.

  • A common problem that often occurs with Defi projects is a smart contract vulnerability that can lead to loss of funds. What steps did your project take to address this to fix this major issue and prevent future failures? Do such incidents happen in the future?

Mr. Phu Gia:

100% of GIG EXChange assets are stored in cold wallets. That is the plan we apply to preserve capital for investors. In addition, GIG’s team of experts from India and Vietnam will work together to operate and fix bugs as quickly as possible when problems arise.

During the next AMA, I’d love for everyone to interact with our CTO. I hope the members of the group understand more about GIG’s projects and upcoming plans and accompany GIG in these early stages.

Part 3: Q&A Gem Mouse Community

  • How to stay calm in the current situation in the cryptocurrency market?

Mr. Phu Gia: Our slogan is “Complex world, simple mind” – “The world is complicated, the mind must be at peace”

We don’t care much about the market or the competition. We just focus on doing our best

That’s how the Bosses work, so I call my community MAFIA CLUB – where the brothers have the same attitude to living and investing, as well as the quality.

  • Does your project support a staking program? If yes, how does the system work, what are the requirements for users if they want to join your platform? Do you have a plan to Burn Tokens to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Mr. Phu Gia:

Currently, on GIGEX.IO we are implementing a staking program: 1 month 1%, 3 months 5%, 6 months 12%.

You can consult more at GIGEX.IO

Currently, we are locking 80% of tokens, and after phase 1 2023. we will have whitepaper 2.0 to update our plan further.

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